Route Selection

In many cases we work from a technical package from our customers. In other situations, our customers trust in our experience with specific areas of technology. Route selection is driven by a number of interrelated factors:

  • Safety
  • Economy
  • Quality
  • Operability
  • Reproducibility

At Lacamas, our focus is on the early identification and development of a process which will be practicable and economic at both the pilot and commercial scale. Sourcing of the key raw materials is the next step. To do this most effectively, we utilize an extensive network of global suppliers and partners. Getting this part of the process right allows Lacamas to offer the best possible value to its customers.

Once the project is a go, our R&D team will evaluate the route for feasibility and flag any safety / hazard concerns. In parallel, we will develop highly tailored and specific in-process and finished product analytical test methods. Confirmation of yield and quality under anticipated processing conditions then follows. In order to ensure maximum success at the pilot scale, a significant amount of optimization is carried out to ensure trouble and surprise free scale up of the process. This in turn requires focus on the operational parameter boundaries for the process. This ensures a predicable and robust process from the outset.

Another consideration for the selection of the most appropriate and economic route is an environmental one. The choice of reagents and solvents for a given route are driven by our commitment to minimizing the impact on our environment.