Phosgene Chemistry

phosgenePhosgene is an extremely toxic gas (bp=8°C) which was once used as a chemical weapon in the trenches of World War I. Its legendary toxicity is matched only by its versatility as a chemical reagent. This road map outlines some of the key reactions that place phosgene among one of the most useful commercial scale reagents in the Fine and Specialty chemical arena.

Lacamas  Laboratories routinely handles triphosgene (TP) on a multi-ton manufacturing scale.  TP is a solid which is safer and more convenient to handle than phosgene gas but still requires similar rigorous care in handling. This involves exhaustive safety and handling measures with multiple redundancy. TP can be used as an alternative to phosgene for all the chemical transformations shown in the road map.

Lacamas  Laboratories is highly experienced in handling triphosgene and in the manufacture of many of downstream products. Lacamas is therefore a logical US based partner for your phosgene-related project.