About Lacamas Laboratories

We are a large-scale contract manufacturer of high quality pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals.

Lacamas Laboratories creates custom manufactured pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals for the global market under strict quality guidelines.  We have over 32,000 gallons of reactor capability. Safety and environmental compliance are paramount in all our operations. Our location in Portland, Oregon is a major hub for rail, air and sea transportation which facilitates reliable shipping to Asia and Europe.

We are experts in process development and scale-up and our goal is to develop scalable processes that are safe, robust and economic.

Our capabilities include:

  • Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate (DIBOC, KG to tons), Boc protected intermediates
  • Distillation (ultra high vacuum and thin film)
  • High temperature chemistry
  • Corrosive chemistries (thionyl chloride, phosphorus oxychloride)
  • Cryogenic reactions
  • Continuous processing – hazardous materials, organometallic chemistry
  • Handling triphosgene – chloroformates, carbamates

For over 30 years, Lacamas Laboratories has consistently provided its customers with innovative technology, agile response and quality products.