Product List

The majority of our business is custom manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals. There are several products that are available as catalog items in 1 KG to multi-metric ton quantities including the following selection of products. Please contact us for a quotation and lead time.

Chemical Name  CAS Number Structure
Synonyms: BOC anhydride,
24424-99-5 diboc
Sulfur trioxide pyridine complex 26412-87-3 sulfer
4-Ethoxycarbonylphenylboronic acid 4334-88-7 4-etho
5-nitroindole-2-carboxylic acid 16730-20-4 5-nitro
Ethyl 5-nitroindole-2-carboxylate 16732-57-3 ethyl-5
4-Morpholinoaniline 2524-67-6 4-morp
Piperidinocyclohexene 2981-10-4 piper
Methylmagnesium bromide 75-16-1 methyl
 Ethylmagnesium bromide 925-90-6 ethyl
Isopropylmagnesium chloride 1068-55-9 isoprop

Synonym: Boc-L-Phenylalanine

13734-34-4 boc-phe

triphenylphosphonium bromide

17814-85-6 4-carbox
Isoamyltriphenylphosphonium bromide 28322-40-9 isoamyl
Methyltriphenylphosphonium bromide 1779-49-3 methyltriph
N,N-Dimethylacetamide dimethyl acetal 18871-66-4 dimethyl
3,4-Dimethoxy-2-chlorobenzil dimethoxy
3,4-Dimethoxy-2-chlorobenzoin dimethoxy-2
Dimethyl-p-toluene sulphonyloxymethyl phosphonate 31618-90-3 dimethyl-3
3-Benzyl-5-(2-hydroxyethyl) thiazolium chloride 4568-71-2 benxyl
4-aminomethyl-2-isopropylthiazole 1171981-10-4 amino
2-Isopropyl-4-(N-methylaminomethyl) thiazole 154212-60-9 isopropyl